We Can Pickle That... And Then Eat It.

At BAR 41, our lunch menu was built around pickles, sauces, and flavor combinations.  

All of our pickles, dressings, and sauces are house made. Half-sour cucumbers, peach mustard, and kimchi are some of our most popular. 

And, speaking of KIMCHI, every Tuesday we switch things up with the pastrami sandwich and swap Ciabatta for Rye, and pickles for kimchi to make our unique and delicious Kimchi Reuben. 

Lunch is available daily from 11am-5pm.

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Perry, Jerkum. and Cider. Oh my!

Now available at BAR 41: Mission-Trail Jerkum and Perry in 500ml/17oz bottles.

A cider is made from apples, a perry is made from pears, so what is a jerkum you ask?

A jerkum is an ancient and traditional fermentation of England. Native to the county of Worcestershire, England, fruit growers would ferment their native plums. At Mission-Trail they consider any whole, unadulterated fermented stone fruit juice a jerkum. 

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