We Can Pickle That... And Then Eat It.


At BAR 41, our lunch menu is built around pickles, sauces, and flavor combinations. 

- Our pastrami sandwich with Swiss, pickles and mustard is inspired by traditional New York delis.

- The turkey sandwich (or salad) with the nutty, caramel flavor of Manchego cheese and tangy, fresh herb-honey dressing is reminiscent of the flavors of the Thanksgiving table.

- Our BBQ Tempeh (soybean cake) with sliced red onions and slightly spicy slaw is (vegetarian) summer barbecue on a roll.  The BBQ sauce pulls together flavor elements of many styles from China to Texas to South Carolina.

All of our pickles, dressings, and sauces are house made. cucumber pickles, peach mustard, and kimchi are some of our most popular. 

And, speaking of KIMCHI, we're working on a new sandwich where we switch things up with the pastrami sandwich and swap mustard for rye whiskey Thousand Island, Ciabatta for multigrain, and pickles for kimchi to make our unique and delicious Kimchi Reuben. 

Lunch is available daily from 11am-5pm.

Other munching options are also available. For more information see our menu.

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