It began as an opportunity to fulfill a lifelong dream...

When sommelier, BARTENDER, AND dog-lover Christopher Parks was given the opportunity to take over the former Cafe Underwood in Oakland's Temescal neighborhood, he jumped at the chance. After working in the Bay Area food and drink world for 20 years, his dream of owning a bar was coming true. 

Initially opening February 2018 as Bar Underwood, Bar 41 has gone through a few transitions. The name being just one! Through these transitions, Bar 41 has remained, above all a community bar.

Why a "community" bar? Offering unique and delicious cocktails, wine, beer, and food is important. To us and to you, our customers! But what we see as increasingly meaningful and NECESSARY for us, is to find ways to work with and support the community in which we live and work.

As a community bar, we are:

  • dedicated to being an open, inclusive, and safe space for all.

  • committed to supporting the community through fundraisers and partnerships with local nonprofits, as well as sourcing from local businesses.

  • planning to offer a wide range of classes, workshops and other events to promote both entertainment and learning

We want Bar this to be a place you can consider your own. Whether it's a place to hang out with friends, wind down after work, stop in for lunch, enjoy the weekly events, or rent out for a special event, BAR 41 is your bar.