8 Raincoats & Jackets For Women To Shop In Australia | ELLE Australia

As Longfellow might have said: In every life spent commuting, running errands, or watching a kid’s soccer game, there is bound to be some rain. We spent two and a half months researching 134 Regenjas dames and testing 30—with a panel of six testers to find the seven best rain jackets in a wide variety of sizes and shapes. Keep you dry and comfortable.

Our selection includes an all-purpose women’s Regenjas, a warm, insulated women’s coat, a mid-thigh men’s coat, a stylish men’s coat from a classic British brand, and women’s and men’s jackets for hiking, and other outdoor activities. Designed for, and affordable, sporty women’s and men’s raincoats. One of the jackets we picked did the best job of keeping us dry—so what works best for you will come down to style, fit, and price. Most of our picks are available in extended sizes. Companies categorize coats by gender, but anyone can wear them (and we have some unisex options in the competitive section).

A classic women’s raincoat

Who’s it for: Anyone looking for an all-purpose raincoat that won’t go out of style.

Why it’s great: The simple aesthetic of the L.L.Bean H2Off Mesh-Lined Rain Jacket and Regenjas heren works equally well for commuting in the town or standing on the soccer field and can be worn from spring to fall. I am comfortable. It has the most variation in style and size of any coat we tested — it’s available in 13 sizes and three lengths, and comes in an insulated version for winter. It also has some of the most thoughtful detailing of any women’s raincoat we’ve seen. One of our testers noted, “I have very little to say about this coat, which is a good thing! It just does its job.”

The H2Off’s subtle, logo-free styling and simple details make it look less sporty than the Columbia Arcadia (which we also recommend), and we think the four classic color choices and print options (no longer available) work and weekend. Wardrobes will suit both…