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If you are looking to start Thai boxing training for fitness and weight loss, congratulations are in order! The first question on your mind should be “What should I wear to the Thai boxing fitness gym or training camp?” 

Luckily, shopping for Thai boxing clothes is a laid back affair. You can start simple with only Thai boxing shorts and singlet, and you can also go on to buy an ankle guard, hand wrap, and shoes when you begin to gain expertise, you can purchase other sportswear.  

Here are some clothes and equipment you need to begin your Thai boxing training.  

1.    Muay Thai Boxing Shorts  

It is difficult to find shorts that are as comfortable for training as Muay Thai shorts- not even basketball shorts. 

If you turn up to Muay Thai training with the wrong pair of shorts, they might not give you adequate room to kick and might be tight in the groin and thigh area. 

Purchase a pair of Muay Thai shorts online or at a training camp and check to ensure that you can move your legs freely while wearing them. 

2.   Singlet or Sports Bra 

Although some male trainees would prefer to go topless during Muay Thai boxing training to avoid sweating all over their clothes, it is still a good idea to purchase comfortable singlet or tops for training. Going topless is normal across Muay Thai gyms in Thailand, but it might not be so elsewhere, so ask questions. 

Women cannot train topless, so you can either opt for a simple fashion singlet or a sports bra for your sessions. Your singlet or bra should be made of materials that don’t induce sweat.  

3.   Sport Shoes  

Although Muay Thai training and sparring takes place barefoot, every class begins with about 30 minutes of cardio warm-ups, including skipping ropes or running. Shoes come in handy at these times to protect your fit, as the ground isn’t as comfortable for your feet as the boxing ring. 

4.   Other Gear  

Besides Muay Thai shorts and singlet, which are the primary clothes to wear for Muay Thai boxing, several gears are also essential for the best and safest training experience. 

Boxing Gloves are vital to protect your hand and wrist from injuries and dislocations. If you cannot purchase the gloves immediately, you can use hand wraps to protect your hands as you train. Most training camps have public boxing gloves, but they might not be the best options. 

Mouth Guards help to protect your teeth from any hits that could occur during your training. As an amateur, you can get the boil-and-bite mouth guard for everyday fitness lectures. 

While you might not need Shin Guards for your first few lessons, they would come in handy when you begin sparring. Shin guards serve as a layer of protection over your shin, instep, and the top of your foot.  

You can visit Muay Thai specific shops at www.muaythai-thailand.com or other online sites when shopping for your Muay Thai sportswear.