What To Look For
Fitting a round of golf into a busy schedule is hard enough without remembering to eat a good breakfast. This meal is often overlooked and replaced with a quick pastry and coffee from the clubhouse. However, for anyone serious about improving their golf score, good nutrition is an essential element for their game.
One way to do this is to add an energy bar and water using a bottle with a built in filter to your golf bag. These can be used on the way to the golf course and at any time during a round to boost your energy.
Another great practice to consider is adding a potent, easily absorbed multivitamin to your diet. Here are a few things to keep in mind.
For golfers who are diabetic, taking multi-vitamins can be hazardous if the multi-vitamins have a high glycemic index, so it is important to look for multivitamin supplements that have a low glycemic index and use no or natural sweeteners such as Stevia.
For various conditions of the eyes multi-vitamins are essential to managing and even reversing damage from various inflammatory conditions.
A complete multi-vitamin must also taste good if they are to be used consistently. Vitamin nutritional supplements should contain an abundance of antioxidants. This is especially important to golfers who are regularly being exposed to harmful ultraviolet rays.
One reason that doctors and health professionals are reluctant to recommend vitamin supplements is that most are poorly absorbed. On the other hand, nutritional multi-vitamin supplements that they know their patients will take regularly and will be readily absorbed are being recommended more frequently. Its piping rock coupon
As with any supplement, their claims are not evaluated by the FDA. So it is hard to know which supplements can be trusted to deliver.
Furthermore, people who are invested in a product are not always objective about the benefits or drawbacks of a particular product.
Finally, don’t let cost be too much of an intimidating factor. (A month’s supply can often be less than a month of clubhouse food) If you find something that works for you, then the cost of not using it often can be greater. You may even find a supplement that you like where the company will pay you to tell others about it.
So, when looking for a multivitamin, look for:
Fast absorption,
Money back guarantee,
Ingredients complementary to your bodies needs and also
Offers a means to get paid for using it.
There are a lot of great energy bar products out there such as Bumble Bar. Always do your own due diligence and…
Have a Great Game!