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Obviously, all of you are already aware that Muay Thai is one of the brutal sport in Thailand, and this is one of the oldest traditions in this amazing tropical country that is still being followed proudly by the natives. During the early sixteenth century, this was an important part of military training, which later dissolved into a full-time international sport. Signing up for a Muay Thai training camp is really easy as they would accept people of any age, size or weight. In those times, this training was practiced with no safety features because soldiers were meant to be stronger, and that would be only possible when they fight for their life.  

Start with Muay Thai Shorts 

Well, now, if you are interested in practicing Muay Thai for your fitness, then you need to wear a whole range of Muay Thai sport wears with a design of your choice. Now the first thing that you need to do the shopping for is Muay Thai shorts because this is one of the most important parts of your training attire. Basically, it is a single piece of cloth that covers the lower part of your body till your thighs. The reason that why it is so many shorts is because Muay Thai comprises of strong kicks, and in order to pull a successful kick, it is really necessary that your clothes should not trouble your leg movement. 

Muay Thai Gloves 

Similarly, there are Muay Thai gloves which are no different than boxing gloves, and these are the ones that would keep your hands safe while you are throwing powerful punches at your opponent. You have to practice your punches on a bag and on harder objects during master-level training. So, as a beginner, you need protection for your hands, and these gloves are the perfect ones. Usually, a pair of gloves are provided at training camp, but who knows if it is cleaned properly? There is a possibility that multiple people might have already used it before they are cleaned. So, you would not want to use those bacteria-filled gloves. Here the best option is to do the shopping for your own Muay Thai sport wears which you are satisfied with for its cleanliness and strength.  You can check at Suwit Muay Thai  for good Muay Thai gloves from Thailand.  

Other Protection Attire 

Similar to boxing, you might expect direct face punches as well, and that only way to protect your jaws is when you use a mouthguard which is another important part of Muay Thai training attire. When the face is under discussion, then there is something else as well that would protect your face and head. Headgear is a complete cover for your head that keeps you safe from any head or brain injury during training or competitions. Then there are shin guards, elbow guards, and body shield that takes good care of all the joints of your body. It is not necessary that you end up dislocating a joint by an opponent’s attack, but it could also be possible when you land a powerful punch or kick. So, remember to purchase all these protection equipment before you start training.