Vlone 爆紅是什麼原因?除了陳冠希加持背後關鍵人物其實是「他」! JUKSY 街星

When we talk about style there are no rules. Fashion is to be creative, to play and to be children again feeling comfortable with ourselves. In addition to dinner and the typical New Year’s Eve rituals, it is time to consider the colors that are best for us to wear when dressing, and in this case Vlone V offers you everything related to fashion for coming up year 2022. Because when it comes to celebrating nothing stops us, this guide has been designed for both men and women. Live, celebrate and enjoy!

How to Dress for the Coming-up New Year 

Fancy Dresses

We present you a trilogy + bonus track of beautiful tones designed to fascinate from head to toe.

  • A maroon dress with a v-neckline and long sleeves that is a dream. Be careful with the detail of the front knot with jewel application and side opening.
  • Fabulous blazer dress with lapel neck and crossed V-neckline. Long sleeves with shoulder pads that will be worn all season. What fascinates us is the wonderful jeweled fringe detail.
  • Classic halter neck dress with bow. Sequin appliqué detail. Imagine dancing with this beauty!

If you like the graphic world, this colorful jumpsuit will be your main ally in the New Year. Also try dresses with strong prints, hopefully botanicals and floral full of life.

Wear clothes with shoulder pads

Rumba, samba, mambo! The shoulder pads are back in glory and majesty. Maybe you look at them and think: this is a resounding no, but if you dare to use them they will surely be your ace up your sleeve. You can go for a classic black dress with XL shoulder pads or a blouse with romantic sleeves to enhance the impact of the night.

Heeled shoes

We want comfortable but spectacular shoes to dance the night away. How about this chic, beautiful and colorful selection? Remember to always wear your heels a few days before the New Year, so that you wear them comfortably and do not cause any damage.

Glamorous makeup

This is a night to celebrate! Play with your makeup, dare to surprise with a natural and fresh look but with an important focal point: the eyes.

The outline here is essential. Go for a classic cat eye in black or more daring colors and soft, shiny and voluminous lips. If you like to dare more, classic red is an excellent night option. And if you love glitter: welcome glitter on your nails.

XL accessories

If you are going to wear XL accessories they will steal the eyes. The rest of your outfit should be more minimalist. Earrings, bracelets, pearl breastplates, garish rings. Everyone is welcome!

We seek balance and aesthetic cohesion, but always with a degree of creativity. A small envelope or micro bag is the perfect complement to this look.

You can also wear a minimalist watch that matches your look. If you need help choosing one, we leave you our definitive guide to the best watch brands you can find.

Wear more sober clothes

If you have an important event on the agenda, you cannot forget the tuxedo. Opt for the sobriety of black or the sophistication of velvet. It never fails! You can include a colorful and daring bow tie or some unique cufflinks. 

Monochromatic and casual clothing

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Bet on a monochrome look, that is, everything in the same color range. It can be a slim fit single-breasted suit in black, navy blue, gray or beige with a pristine white shirt or Vlone blue shirt according to your taste. What do you think of this combination? You can complete the look with patent leather shoes, ad hoc loafers or, if you want a more casual touch some classic sneakers.