3 Ways to Find Ring Size Secretly To Delight Your Wife

ByCharles A. Davis

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We know it’s darn difficult to find ring size secretly, we have all been there. The time when you want to buy her a ring or maybe propose to her and you just don’t know the ring size. As if buying surprise gifts for wives wasn’t already hard (it’s so difficult to get her to like what I buy for her and we end up exchanging most stuff – clothes, accessories and everything), now we have to deal with the size issue. And the ring size problem is a real one because it actually matters a lot to get the fit right. When it comes to clothes, you could just pick any old one from her closet and match the size. Not so easy with rings though as the sizes start from 5/6 and go up to 30 (well honestly, most have a ring size between 8-16). 

Ring Sizer on Ring

Ring Size Basics

We are going to lay down some relatively easy ways for you to find her ring size secretly. But before I get to the actual task at hand, let me just give you a quick and short refresher course on ring sizes. This will bring you up to speed because I know, men like you and me are not really good with all the jewellery stuff (I am kidding, I am really good at all this 😉). So let me start from the start – rings (gold, diamond or just imitation rings) come in two forms – size dependant and free-size. While most low-end costume jewellery rings are designed to be free size (one size fits all) given the ease in selling and reducing returns, most real diamond rings (precious rings) tend to be size-dependent.  

Size-dependent Rings

These size-dependent rings are made in one of the many available sizes, making it possible to make rings for any and every finger. Before we start to understand actual sizes, you must know that most countries follow a different size nomenclature and that makes things slightly difficult. Usually, you need to know the brand you are buying from and which country’s size nomenclatures they refer to. This makes international ring shopping a little tricky and that is why we have covered this topic under our international ring size guide blog.

Ring Sizer

Since our brand is focused on Indian consumers, we will use examples from the Indian ring size system. Now that we know different countries/regions may follow different size nomenclature, you need to know that all these different nomenclatures can be converted between each other. So let’s say you know the Indian size, you can convert that to the US size and vice versa. Within the Indian size nomenclature, sizes typically start from 5 and go up to 35. In my 8 years of experience as the founder of KuberBox, we have never made a ring size above 33. After making more than 10000 rings, the law of averages tells us that – 

  • 60% of women have a ring size between 11-16
  • 50% of men have a ring size between 17-21

Further, the absolute most common ring sizes are 

  • Women – 12,13,14
  • Men – 18,19,20

The third thing after knowing the nomenclature and the size is – you need to know which finger you are measuring. 

Which Finger Should I Find The Ring Size For?

Fingers for each rings

That’s a technicality that is often ignored by most online guides providing ways of finding the ring size secretly. Humans have 10 fingers and all of them may have different sizes. Both of your thumbs may have different sizes, and so on. I know you are getting the drift. So even before you begin the adventure of finding her ring size, know what finger she’ll wear that ring on. I will break this down for you based on the ring type and the most popular fingers (warning: check with your grandmom if the same is true for your culture) –

  • Engagement rings – left hand, ring finger (for women) | right hand, ring finger (for men) – and I know you will ask me what the heck is the ring finger. I know this question can come to your mind because during the first 2 years of KuberBox, I handled customer support and we got this question a lot. So the ring finger is the finger next to the pinky finger (Don’t even ask)
  • Cocktail rings – cocktail rings are statement rings, that usually have a large-sized design at the top face. Worn usually on the right hand, index finger. 
  • Midi rings – any hand, any finger but they need to be worn midway between the tip of your finger and the first knuckle. 
  • Wedding bands or couple bands – same principles as engagement rings
  • Thumb rings – need I say more? 
  • Casual everyday rings – Any finger except the ring finger because obviously, most people do not want to signal that they are married unless they really are.

I know I have already taken too much time to get to the point. I have a habit of over-explaining things and that gets in the way of it. Let’s move on. You are here because you wish to find her ring size in the most clandestine manner and not spoil the surprise for her. These ways are not error-proof but they are great to get you started. We will start with the easiest and the most accurate ways. Let’s go

1. Grab Her Existing Ring & Measure It

For this method to work, you would need a ring that fits her. All you need to do then is grab the ring and measure it online. 

Man gifting online

Step 1 – Visit https://findmyringsize.com/ and click on “Let’s Start”

Find my ring size website

Step 2 -Follow the three steps on the screen

Step 2 find ring size

Step 3 – Don’t forget to select the right scale (nomenclature) 

Select the ring size nomenclature

Voila, you will have an accurate ring size. if this feels like too much work and if you don’t have a desktop or laptop (as this guide needs you to be working from a computer screen) then you can read on for the next ways. 

2. Take Help – Ask Her Sister, Bestie or Mom

Your next best bet is asking her sister, bestie or her mom for help. Women usually tend to shop a lot together and they would be knowing each other’s sizes or at least have a pretty decent idea. This way of finding the ring size secretly works only if the other person that you ask can keep this a secret. If she can’t keep it to her, it’s best to avoid asking altogether. 

Sisters helping each other

If your wife is really close with her sister, that can be the best way because families love it when these things happen and they would usually be equally invested in making the surprise plan work flawlessly for the sake of her sister’s happiness. With family’s help, small things like finding the ring size secretly won’t be a big problem we feel.

3. Measure Her Size While She Sleeps

At first, this sounds outrageous but most men do actually resort to this tactic of finding the ring size without her knowing. This might backfire badly if she is not a deep sleeper so just take care of that. Also, this is not one of the most accurate ways of measuring the ring size as it involves you marking a piece of paper by wrapping it around her finger. Her sleep movements might not allow you to mark it accurately. 

Wife sleeping peacefully

For the sake of this discussion, let’s assume you are able to do it perfectly and then this is how you need to do it – 

  1. Take a 10 cm x 1 cm long piece of paper 
  2. Keep a pen handy
  3. Wrap the paper around the first knuckle of her finger
  4. Mark the paper at the point where the one end of the paper intersects with the rest of the paper
  5. Leave the room (really)
  6. Take a ruler and measure the marking from the end of the paper which you used earlier
  7. Use that measurement (in millimetres, mm) – this is her ring size circumference. 
  8. Convert that circumference into the ring size using this chart – International ring size conversion chart 


It’s not easy to plan something like this after considering the amount of effort required, so first pat yourself on the back for doing this. This is what relationships are made of this is what the two of you will relish for a long time. She will undoubtedly adore you for simply trying to make this perfect – even if you fail to get the accurate size. 

If you need any help in picking the ring design or the right size, our jewellery specialists are here to guide you and make the whole thing a lot easier for you.