By now you are probably well aware of what Black Friday consists of. If not, you have been missing out on some unbelievable specials you could be taking advantage of with your Christmas shopping. However, something many people have not taken advantage of is Black Friday shopping online.

There are several disadvantages to shopping on Black Friday in the stores. You may not have even realized because you have been so focused on the tremendous savings you have been receiving. However, you can take advantage of these same specials from the comfort of your own home.

The first downside to shopping in the stores on Black Friday is the crowds. You are not the only person who is aware of the specials that go on at every store. You can rest assured that you will be dealing with crowds in each store, which equals long lines at the cash registers.

In addition to crowds in the stores, there is also the headache of dealing with traffic. Stores are going to be filled with cars and parking lots will be packed. This can be a huge pain if you end up having to go to multiple stores.

This leads to the next disadvantage of shopping on Black Friday in the stores; price comparing. It makes it virtually impossible to compare prices for the same product at different stores if you actually go to the store. But if you shop online, you can quickly jump from one store to the next.

Most people enjoy sleeping in; especially on a break and the day after Thanksgiving. If you go to the stores, you have to get up early and remain awake for most of the day to take advantage of the specials. Shopping online allows you to set your alarm, quickly pick out the products you want, and then head right back to bed.

The last disadvantage to shopping on Black Friday in the stores is not knowing whether the store you go to is going to have the product you have. It is not guaranteed the store is going to have the product you want in stock. Many stores have just enough products for a few and it is a first come first serve type of deal. By shopping online, you can see exactly what is in stock and find the products you want.

With so many advantages to shopping online for Black Friday, you are probably amazed that you have put up with shopping in the stores for this long. The disadvantages in this article are just a few of the many downfalls to shopping on Black Friday in the stores.

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