7 Best Electric Blankets To Enhance A Cozy & Warm Night

Best Electric Blankets

With a quality electric heated blanket, you’re good to enjoy cozy and warm weather all through the winter. Electric blankets are the best option to keep you warm through winter weather changes. You can enjoy watching romantic movies or reading your new favorite book with the blanket on your super cozy couch or bed.

Besides bringing heat to your bed, choosing top-tested blankets will also enhance an ultra-soft comfort that keeps you in bed all day. Furthermore, these blankets come in various sizes, such as smaller throw blankets and large blankets for your Queen, Twin, and King-size bed.

These offer the best alternative available as experts test all the bedding parts, from comforters, mattresses, and pillows, to bed sheets. The testing involves consumer testers at home and laboratory tests. A team of qualified engineers and scientists looked at various products or options from top brands to find the best one.

During the study, the experts assessed the blanket’s performance and durability using various industry standards and specialized equipment. Furthermore, the experts collected reviews from customers who used consumer tests to gauge these blankets’ softness and ease of use. The process was vital in finding the top electric blankets you can use to keep your winter nights snuggly and cozy.

This article provides a comprehensive guideline on how to purchase and maintain the best electric blanket. Remember, pairing your electric heated blanket with high-quality clothing and flannel sheets offers an effective way to stay warmer.

1. Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket – Best Overall Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Microplush Heated Blanket Best Overall Electric Blanket 2

It’s one of the crowd favorites and a high-quality banket from Sunbeam, offering top performance. The blanket has approximately ten heat settings allowing you to choose your preferred warmth and customize the warmth for even King and Queen sizes. With the heating shutting off automatically after 10 hours, this alternative offers more safety. The safety allows you to sleep soundly and provide peace of mind all night.

Furthermore, the manufacturers create it with appropriate ThermoFine technology. You can adjust this technology easily to ensure even heat distribution and maintain your preferred heat level. The heated blanket amazed testers with the cozy & soft plush fabric felt and easy-to-use controls. Moreover, the users enjoyed the preheating option, which made it easy to warm sheets before sleeping.

The analysts were impressed with the Lab’s wash testing results during the evaluation. The blanket produced the best results with no shrinkages or appearance changes, even after several laundering or cleaning cycles. Sunbeam’s quilted fleece electric blanket produced good results in the evaluation, making it a top choice for users preferring fleece to microfiber.

  • 100% Polyester
  • Imported
  • 6-Foot power cord


  • Offer a cozy and soft feel
  • Versatile 10 heat settings to suit your needs
  • Auto shutoff and preheat setting
  • Easy clean, machine washable


  • You can feel the wires through the blanket

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2. Bedsure Electric Blanket – Best Electric Throw Blanket

Bedsure Electric Blanket

Research reveals that this alternative from Bedsure is best for a blanket, offering heat quickly and thoroughly. Testers and analysts were impressed with how fast the electric throw blanket heated compared to the other picks during the study. Besides faster heat picking, the blanket has an automatic shutting-off system after four hours and offers four different heat settings to suit your preferences.

Furthermore, this pick features a sharp and faux fur side, which provides two different textures for your varying needs. Testers and analysts appreciate the lightweight and soft feel of this Bedsure electric blanket. For instance, one reviewer was delighted with how the bedding kept her warm without the heaviness or overbearing feel that comes with the other alternative. Nevertheless, this blanket is thinner than the other alternatives.

Best Electric Throw Blanket


  • Features an automatic timer shutoff
  • Gains more heat faster than other alternatives
  • Sherpa design and reversible soft faux fur


  • Less thickness than most picks

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3. Hyde Lane Electric Heated Blanket – Softest Electric Blanket

Hyde Lane Electric Heated Blanket Softest Electric Blanket

Manufacturers use super luxe faux fur to cover this ultra soft heated blanket. Furthermore, the 100% polyester material manufacturer uses makes it offer a cozy and softest feeling that other electric blankets can’t offer. With the three heat settings, the brand allows you to choose the one that suits your needs and preferences. More so, the six feet power cord offers more convenience when using this blanket.

The evaluation shows that analysts were pleased with the brand’s luxe look and looking forward to testing its functionality in the laboratory. In addition, the sherpa top and faux fur that comes in five colors and patterns make the brand match a wide range of aesthetics. Besides the numerous benefits, the brand’s controller can get hotter when continually using it.

Material Polyester
Color Grey
Brand Hyde Lane
Blanket Form Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions 60″L x 50″W
Pattern Solid


  • Two-hour auto shutoff
  • Plush sherpa styles and faux fur
  • Cozy fabric


  • Reviewers say that the controller might get hot

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4. Cozee Cordless Heated Blanket – Best Battery-operated Electric Blanket

Cozee Cordless Heated Blanket Best Battery operated Electric Blanket

Cozee blankets offer the best way to enjoy the experience of the electric blanket. This alternative has a powerful rechargeable battery pack, which makes the blanket fully portable. Manufacturers claim that this brand takes approximately five minutes to heat and automatically goes off after five hours.

Analysts love the cozy feeling that the microfiber plush offers. Furthermore, many testers have praised the brand for its unique and versatile weather-resistant shell. Every user and reviewer agreed that the brand’s unique features and soft nature make it a game changer for outdoor adventures and camping needs. Despite being costly, users agree the price is worthy due to the unsurpassed customer service and the brand’s innovative features.

Best Battery operated Electric Blanket
Material Polyester
Color Dark Blue
Brand The Cozee – Battery Powered Heating Blanket
Blanket Form Throw Blanket
Product Dimensions 60″L x 60″W
Pattern Solid


  • A better alternative for outdoor activities
  • Soft lining with a weather-resistant shell
  • It has a rechargeable battery unit


  • Limited to only navy appearance

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5. Eddie Bauer Cozy Heated Throw – Best Reversible Electric Blanket

Eddie Bauer Cozy Heated Throw Best Reversible Electric Blanket

Experts reveal that the reversible option is the appropriate pick when you’re stuck in choosing the best electric blanket. Eddie Bauer manufactures one sleek, ribbed, smooth, soft reversible size electric blanket. The blanket comes with a two-hour automatic shutoff and five heat settings, making it an ideal brand for heating your bedding before bedding.

Besides heating your sheets, you can use it before snuggling up when watching your favorite show. The analysts and testers loved the cozy appearance of the plush fabric. With the three neutral color options, the brand allows you to pick the appropriate one matching your room colors. Besides the evaluation reviews, studies show that most online reviewers enjoyed the high-quality construction and heat distribution.

Material Sherpa, Fleece, Cotton
Color .Red Check
Brand Eddie Bauer
Special Feature Reversible, Lightweight, Super Soft
Style Blanket
Blanket Form Throw Blanket


  • Reversible super soft fabric
  • Two-hour auto shutoff & five heat settings
  • Even temperature distribution


  • Shorter cord than alternatives

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6. Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket – Best Value Electric Blanket

Sunbeam Fleece Heated Blanket Best Value Electric Blanket

Sunbeam has been a top brand in manufacturing effective and simple alternatives for a heated fleece throw blanket. Due to its effectiveness and popularity, this blanket has smashed over 11,000 amazon reviews and 4.4-star ratings. An auto shutoff, cozy fleece fabric, and three heat settings make the price for this cool bedding a bargain.

Experts reveal that you can enjoy an extra warm feeling even after sleeping without incurring high electric costs as the blanket switches off automatically after three hours. Despite not testing this blanket, the other Seambean alternative provided the best results. Reviewers enjoyed the cozy fabric and less bulk nature the brand offers to the other alternatives. You can get a wide range of options with bold patterns and colors, including zebra and cheetah prints.


  • Not bulky
  • Three-hour auto shutoff system
  • Less costly


  • Lack of more neutral color options

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7. SoftHeat Blanket from Perfect Fit – Best Couple’s Electric Blankets

SoftHeat Blanket from Perfect Fit Best Couples Electric Blankets

This blanket comes in various sizes, including Full, Queen, King, and Twin. With proper dual control, this blanket allows an individual to customize and personalize the heat using the 10 different settings. The appropriate heat setting and dual control reduce the need for a bedroom thermostat. This couple’s blanket features evenly spaced (approximately 3 inches) ultra-thin wires throughout the blanket.

Best Couples Electric Blankets

Importantly, this Soft Heat blanket has an automated system that switches off after ten hours, allowing you to snooze all night in warmth. Users and fans preferred this ribbed and soft blanket for its quality fabrics and attractive looks. Furthermore, the blanket maintained a proper and constant temperature during the Lab test time. Some reviewers revealed that they prefer this fabric to plastic due to the noise of the reflective surface in plastic blankets upon crumpling.


  • It comes in two zones having dual controls
  • Available in five colors
  • It offers a 10-hour auto shutoff


  • A slightly crinkly heat reflexive heat

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Process of Choosing the Best Electric Blanket

Best Electric Blanket

While determining and selecting the appropriate electric blanket, the analysts tested various top products from selected brands. The testing process involved laboratory and consumer tests. The analysts focused on checking the individual blanket’s performance during the previous results. The testing involved using a climatology chamber to gauge various factors, including the time the blanket requires to cool, the time the brand requires to reach 70 degrees, electricity usage, etc.

Besides the performance, the analysts considered each blanket’s durability, which included the results after various wash tests. The evaluation was in conjunction with consumer testers to get each blanket’s softness, appearance, and ease of use. The study and evaluations include 220 data points before arriving at the choices.

Factors to Consider When Purchasing Electric Blankets

With the numerous options available, you must be careful when choosing the right electric. Let’s look at a few tips you need to consider when choosing a worthwhile electric blanket:


Manufacturers make most blankets from acrylic or microfiber, which is a unique polyester. The various tests and evaluations show that consumers preferred microfiber over acrylic due to its softness. In contrast, acrylic offers more comfort as you won’t feel the wiring through, unlike microfiber fabrics that offer the wiring feeling.


Despite most electric blankets coming in a throw blanket size, some manufacturers make the blanket in King and Queen sizes. Therefore, you have to decide whether you want one that’ll cover the whole bed or something to snuggle you up on the couch. With most large blankets providing dual heating and varying levels of warmth, experts prefer them for couples or partners.

Scheduled shutdown timer

Most electric blankets usually have an automatic timer to enhance security, as the blanket will always shut off after a scheduled time or duration. The shutoff time may range from two to ten hours. When purchasing the right brand, it’ll be appropriate to consider one that keeps you warm the whole night or duration.

How do Electric Heated Blankets Works

These blankets work using a battery pack or plugging into an electrical socket that helps to heat them. Remember, these electric blankets have insulated wires that manufacturers place safely between the blanket’s fabric layers. The electric wires are usually all over the entire blanket to make it easy and faster to heat up.

Are Electric Heated Blankets Safe?

Yes. Electric heated blankets are safe for warming up your cold nights, as they come with an auto shutoff feature to turn them off after approximately two to ten hours. Experts reveal that blankets with longer heated durations offer the best choices for overnight. However, it’ll be wise and safe to unplug them when you aren’t using them.

Before purchasing a blanket, such as Intertek or Ul, you must check if it has a third-party safety certification. Ensure that you follow all the use and care guidelines to guarantee safe and effective use. Furthermore, read through the manual to understand the number of volts the blanket can handle from your power source. Preferably, you can consider a power adapter using higher voltage outlets to prevent damaging and overheating the blanket.

Can Electric Blankets Increase Your Heating Bills?

Studies show that using an electric blanket less-costly than having direct house heating. For instance, if the blanket uses 200 watts, leave it to heat your bedding for 10 hours, a total of 2 kilowatt-hours. Depending on your state or region, 2 kilowatt-hours costs approximately 20 to 40 cents. Purchasing an electric blanket to heat your bedding all night is an effective money-saving investment on your heating bills.

How Can You Car For an Electric Blanket?

Reading and following the care & use guidelines is the most important thing you have to do to ensure the safety of everyone. When using the blanket, ensure that you spread it evenly and avoid bunching it in a ball, as it may damage the wires or create hot spots. Experts advise that you unplug the blanket and fold it neatly before keeping it in a pristine environment when you aren’t using it.

With various safety concerns, it’ll be safe to stop using the blanket immediately and seek a replacement after noticing brown spots on the brand. These spots usually indicate overheating, which causes the different burnt regions.

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