People may have heard a lot of terminologies that a lot of sunglass manufacturers like Oakley use to describe their products. A lot of companies already summarized these jargon for people to understand, but everyone may still be thinking: So, what if the lens is made of Plutonite, with Prizm coating, and uses HDO technology? In this article, we will try to explain a bit more why these things are quite a big deal. And with these pieces of information, people can purchase the perfect lens with an informed decision.

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Clearer vision

Eyewear lenses serve a lot of purposes. It can protect the eyes from Ultraviolet light and make things less bright. But sometimes, using a sunglass decreases the clarity of the user’s vision. The sun is less severe, and the eyes are protected from Ultraviolet rays. But the user cannot see clearly.

It usually happens from cheap street eyewear manufactured using low-cost and budget materials. But using a mixture of complicated materials and binding them without using glues can solve this problem. Lenses are a lot easier to see through if manufacturers use quality materials and using modern technology.

That is why providing a clear optical experience should be the priority of sunglass manufacturers. That is how companies’ quality lenses are made and make up a considerable part of the High-Definition Optics or HDO part of the lens.

Not only has that, light passing refracted in some of these lenses. It means the light is not focusing solely on a particular spot of the back of our eyes. Lenses that do not encourage light to cross one particular area will enhance unclear visuals. Having this thing happen creates fuzzy images and makes the brain and eye work a lot more.

The eye and brain need to work together to stitch different images and process them to create one image. It occurs from the spread of light. By merging lights through lenses and hitting the eye in one particular spot, the eyes work less, and the vision is a lot clearer. It is how High-Definition Optics works and provides a clear vision.


One of the advantages of using these lenses is the protection they can provide. Products like Oakley glasses go through tons of research and production procedures before they are ready for public use. These companies test their glasses intensively beyond any type of situation that could happen.

It includes testing them for impact resistance. Companies fire objects at the product at a high velocity. The product protects the user’s eyes immensely. These tests are American National Standards Institute-approved, and in some cases, surpass what is needed and required to pass these tests. It is something consumers love.

The health of the eye is a big deal and having the right sunglasses to protect the eyes and sight is very important. There is also the problem with Ultraviolet rays. The bad news is, the UV radiation is very damaging. It is one of the leading causes of eye problems like cataracts.

People can easily get overexposed in Ultraviolet A and B. As a matter of fact, the average person can receive at least 80% of their life’s Ultraviolet exposure before reaching the age of 20. That is why covering your eyes with sunglasses that have UV-protecting qualities all year round is very important.