Bentonite Clay Ruined My Hair

The beauty and skincare industries are entire of varying solutions, each and every with its checklist of dos and don’ts when it comes to software. If you consider bentonite clay has ruined your hair, likelihood are it hasn’t, so you should not worry, at minimum not immediately or right before calling a haircare expert. In many circumstances, you have not eliminated the bentonite correctly, and there are techniques you can take to correct the challenge!

Bentonite clay ruined my hair!

It’s not likely that bentonite clay ruined your hair, however it can make it really feel major, sticky, and in quite a few instances, dried out. If you truly feel as nevertheless bentonite clay has built your hair really feel much less than great, the first detail you’ll want to do is rinse it with warm h2o to open up the hair follicle and let the leftover residue to rinse clean. You can take a several additional steps (these kinds of as shampooing and deep conditioning) to support your hair feel its finest.

If you’ve been thinking about employing bentonite clay in your hair treatment regimen, or you consider it has ruined your hair, read on to uncover out far more about the clay by itself and how to take care of any hurt that might final result!

Functioning with Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay is not the most manageable hair care product to get the job done with, as it calls for products information and the capacity to observe guidance flawlessly, which can be an concern if you are in a hurry. If you’ve obtained solution develop-up and need to have a cleansing wash, bentonite clay can be a lifesaver, but you have to do your investigate to execute the course of action effectively.

Prior to applying a bentonite clay mask, which can be a great way to detox your hair with purely natural substances, you ought to know your hair type. Bentonite can dry out your hair, so if you have got locks inclined to breaking and brittleness, bentonite clay might not be acceptable for you.

What is bentonite clay?

Generally formed from volcanic ash, bentonite clay is nutrient-rich and an helpful pH-balancer for skin and hair. It has numerous makes use of in the wellbeing and beauty environment and is at times utilized in moisturizers to handle specific skin problems. Bentonite clay can get the job done wonders on several hair forms, but it can wreak havoc on other individuals.

Bentonite clay and porous hair

If you’ve completed any analysis on bentonite clay just before now, you’ve in all probability read one thing that states its consequences on porous hair. Bentonite clay can be advantageous for most hair varieties, but if you have porous hair, it can speedily strip and absorb h2o out of your strands, leaving you with hugely dehydrated locks.

If you do have porous hair, you can use bentonite clay on the scalp only, leaving it off the size of your locks. With the scalp-only system, you can stay away from the clay pulling also a great deal dampness out of your hair though detoxing and cleaning your scalp.

How to tell if you have porous hair

If you’re not sure no matter if you have porous hair, there are a couple ways you can convey to. Reduced porosity hair does not soak up drinking water very swiftly in the shower and is usually greasy or shiny. Even so, it can also sense dry to the contact as the cuticles are shut tightly.

Higher porosity hair absorbs drinking water incredibly swiftly in the shower and has dry finishes, lacking shine while remaining frizzy most of the time. The cuticles of higher porosity hair are open and commonly ruined.

Ought to I use bentonite clay on my hair?

No matter if or not you should really use a bentonite clay mask on your hair is fully up to you. If you think your hair is way too porous and consequently will take up as well considerably of the product, you might want to steer absent from a product that can be drying, as it could very very well come to feel like it’s ruined your hair.

Having said that, if you have wholesome, non-porous hair that requirements a detox, bentonite clay could be great for you! It is always very best to make substantial hair choices with the assist of a qualified stylist that knows your hair, and only they can explain to you what the prospective outcome of utilizing a bentonite clay hair mask may be. Devoid of dilemma, it is not appropriate for just about every hair sort, so when applying bentonite, you ought to commence with warning. If you have currently long gone forward with the bentonite application and feel like it is performed much more damage to your hair than excellent, we will explore how to correct it.

How to correct doable bentonite clay problems

If you’ve accomplished a bentonite clay hair mask without the way of a skilled and you’re nervous that it’s ruined the wellness of your hair, there are a several issues you can do to get your hair back on observe and emotion like normal.

Heat Drinking water Rinse

The initial issue you ought to do if you panic that bentonite clay has remaining your hair in bad condition is a heat water rinse. Make sure that you’re not employing cold water or scalding incredibly hot. It should be lukewarm to gently open up the hair cuticle and enable the bentonite to wash out extensively. If the h2o is rinsing cloudy, there’s however clay in your hair.


How does your hair truly feel following the rinse? Is it dry or heavy? Does it still feel loaded with clay? If your hair feels sticky, there is however clay in your strands, so repeat the rinse. If your hair feels weighed down, you’ll want to transfer on to move 3. You can move to step four if it feels tangled, knotty, and dry.

Wash Comprehensively

Loaded or heavy hair could will need a shampoo following a bentonite mask. Washing with sulfate and silicone-cost-free shampoo will help you clean the clay mask off your hair and go away it feeling lighter.

Deep Situation

It would enable if you always utilized a fantastic deep conditioner after a bentonite clay mask. Mainly because bentonite can be so really hard, utilizing a deep conditioner or dampness mask can aid your hair get better from the stripping and make-up removal process. If you are dealing with an abundance of tangles and dryness immediately after a bentonite mask, but your hair does not come to feel sticky, shampoo and then use a deep conditioner.


Your hair will involve aftercare after bentonite clay remedy. It would be ideal if you continued to use thick, trustworthy salon-top quality conditioners and shampoo with thoroughly clean, healthy ingredients. Bentonite clay can operate wonders to go away hair sensation refreshed and clean, but it generally involves damage control afterward.

Properly employing bentonite clay

There are 1000’s of accomplishment tales circulating the net about bentonite clay and how it enhances or ruins hair. Your outcomes will rely seriously on your hair variety, and we just can’t advise conference with your stylist pertaining to the subject matter in advance of you mix up a mask and utilize it to your unsuspecting strands.

Bentonite clay has a good deal of rewards, but if you misuse it or on hair that is not robust plenty of to deal with it, you’re not likely to see individuals advantages. Get the guidance of a hair care specialist on the subject matter, and if they give you the acceptance, observe their guidelines thoroughly to supply you with the finest final results feasible.

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