When buying a BlackBerry phone it’s a bit different from just buying a normal mobile that doesn’t have the same features or at least stigma attached to its name as a BlackBerry has. The BlackBerry itself has been described as “the most gorgeous looking smartphone on the planet“. And only holding one in your hand, you can see why it bares this description. But when you really get under the bonnet and learn about the features it has that’s when you can really appreciate this phone from RIM (Research In Motion).

A Small BlackBerry Phone Experience
RIM have produced an absolute spectacle of different BlackBerry’s. All released in families or series of models. We have seen the BlackBerry evolve over time from the very early Pager & Monochrome Java-based models the first color and SureType models like the 7100/7200, 7500/7700 series. And from 2008-2009 GPS/Wi-Fi series smartphones like the BlackBerry Pearl, BlackBerry Curve series and BlackBerry Tour, BlackBerry Storm and recently the BlackBerry Torch series.

These latest releases feature the latest mobile technologies such as Wi-Fi / HSDPA / 3G mobile internet with internet tethering abilities. Also the BlackBerry Torch has a 624MHz processor and 512MB RAM which makes it more powerful than some modern laptops or PC’s. Not to mention touch-screen display with HD video playback and recording. Plus you will find many useful apps for internet use like surfing, sending email and socialising or simply playing games and run fast and fluently on the phone because of all this power.

Because of this the BlackBerry is greatly desired by all types of people. And there are many online websites and businesses that you sell BlackBerry phones depending on where you live. You can find new and used ones online to buy today. Even some of the used BlackBerry phones you can find for sale online are still in a mint condition only sold at a lower price than if purchased brand new. But buying a new one for the first time can seem a bit daunting knowing which one is right for you. That’s why a comparison site is needed so people can compare and review the main differences and see reviews on each handset prior to purchasing to make the best possible decision.

Knowing the differences in BlackBerry phone could mean you don’t end making a purchase you’ll later learn to regret. As said, BlackBerry phones were designed by RIM for certain types of people so you want to make sure you know what you specifically desire first in a smartphone like the BlackBerry to make a decision as smart as this phone itself.

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