I love it when kids have got something new to play with. I remembered when I was a kid last time, things were slow and not so creative. Kids these days not only have the computer and some even surf the internet at an early age, but they have also got creative toy companies who come up with all sorts of funny ideas. Fortunately, they understand that parents should not be spending too much money on toys and there are some quality yet cheap toys on the market.

Take for example the word Bakugan. Bakugan? have you ever heard of this word? If you have not where have you been recently? Bakugan toys are one of the latest toy fads to hit the world by storm. Kids and teenagers of all ages who watch the Bakugan Battle Brawlers on television has stormed the toy storms to demand the toy store owners to hand over their Bakugan. Well OK I am exaggerating a bit but I know that many people have bought Bakugan starter packs and even Bakugan booster packs and built up their collection of Bakugan battle brawlers. So fearless that I do not think I can challenge these kids to a battle!

Anyway I have digressed a little. Bakugan toys or not, these toys are just small little balls that you can hold in your hand. The balls contain magnets and hence when you throw these bakugan balls on the ground and it hits a card with a metal inside it, the ball opens to reveal a Bakugan pocket monster! Such a simple design, yet the creators have made a whole game and television series based on this Bakugan toy concept. Then of course there is the Pokemon or pocket monsters, another type of pocket monster but not to be confused with the Bakugan. Pokemon toys like Bakugan were introduced by Japanese game and toy companies. Not that I want to compliment the Japanese, but it seems that they have dominated the toy market with cute and cheap toys. If you know stuff like Transformers or Hello Kitty, you would know what I am talking about here! Visit Japan when you got the chance and you would go Kawaii (Japanese for cute) all the way down the road! So if you want to buy some toys, and I am sure you would since Christmas is coming soon, you would want to check out the prices online. The online toy stores like Amazon or Toys R Us usually have many good deals during the festive season like Christmas.

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