You child should not have every toy on the market. Too many toys in a playroom just causes clutter and stifles creative play. When faced with too many choices, your child becomes overwhelmed and may opt not to play in the playroom as a result.

When you start to notice that some of the toys in the bottom of the toy box have not been touched in a while, it is time to thin them out. You have two choices.

  1. Package the unplayed with toys up and take them to the Goodwill or donate them to a childcare facility.
  2. Pack some of the toys up and store them away. In 6 month, take those toys out and pack up the ones in the toy box to store them away. This will give your child fresh toys to play with and they will become interested in them again.

Tips on buying toys that will get played with.

  • Even though your child may ask for the latest fad toys, do not give into the temptation to buy them. Their “need” for the toy is a result of marketing and not the result of a strong desire for that toy. That toy will only get played with until the “next big thing” is marketed to them. The play value and entertainment value of these types of toys are generally very low and they are usually the ones that get buried at the bottom of the toy box once the novelty wears off.
  • Buy toys that encourage creative or “pretend” play. These are classic toys such as play kitchens, playhouses, building blocks and generic dolls or stuffed animals. This type of toy will get played with daily because they offer the most entertainment value through creative play. They are not limited by branding and your child can use them in all different scenarios within their imagination.
  • Be sure to include a dress up or prop box in your child’s play room. Your out-of-style clothing that you would normally discard, old shoes, scarves, belts and jewelry will give your children hours and hours of entertainment.
  • Arts and crafts supplies, playdoh, stickers and paints are always played with.
  • Ride-on-toys and indoor climbing equipment will get endless hours of play.

All of these toys are staples at daycare centers because they have very high creative play value, they are educational and kids love them and never get tired of playing with them. You will rarely see a fad toy at any day care center for very good reason. They are a waste of money when it comes to actually giving long-term entertainment value for your dollars.

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