Are you shopping for satellite TV? Facing dilemma between Dish Network and DirecTV? What are the consideration points before making any buying decision?

As a matter of fact, the variety of satellite TV deals in United States is quite confusing to most satellite TV buyers and it takes time to pick up the right choice. As for Dish Network, I believe the 15 points listed below are worth knowing from a consumer point of view.

  1. Dish Network is owned by EchoStar Communications and was launched at mid 90s.
  2. Dish Network satellite TV service is the second largest satellite company in United States; the largest is DirecTV.
  3. Dish Network owns about 15 million subscribers at the time of writing.
  4. When you read ‘Dish Network free satellite TV system’, it means Dish Network decoders, the satellite dish, and the remote controls are free of charge. Don’t be confuse, you still need to buy your own TV.
  5. You are wrong if you think anyone is eligible for free Dish Network deals. You can only get them when you are their first time customer and are willing to commit to a 12 months subscription contract.
  6. Only standard Dish Network receiver models are given out for free, you will need to pay extra if you have special order.
  7. Standard Dish Network receivers include DISH 311, DISH 322, DVR 510, DVR 522, DVR 625, and HDTV DVR 921. If you were charged for these decoder systems, ask for the reason.
  8. AllSat, Dish Pronto, and iDishNetwork are some of the authorized Dish Network dealers online. For consumer reviews and guides.
  9. Dish Network currently owns up to 30 different HD channels – the most HD channels than any TV broadcasting services.
  10. Dish Network’s entry level package – DishFamily cost only $19.99/mo, which is one of the cheapest pay-TV services you can get in the market.
  11. Other standard Dish Network programming packages: Dish Network America Top 100, Top 200, Top 250, and EverythingPak.
  12. Currently Dish Network offers $10 discount per month thus the monthly subscription sounds very low. Consumers should be aware that the price will be back to normal ($10 more) after the promotional period, which is 10 months.
  13. Dish Network is famous with wide selection in International programming choices. Spanish programming is packaged in their ‘Latino Packages’, as well as Chinese programming in the ‘Great Wall’.
  14. Besides TV broadcasting, you can also have Sirius Satellite Radio and satellite Internet services with your Dish Network dish system.
  15. Dish Network customer services are in good reputation. However, they receive quite some complains on the billing and installation issues, especially on receivers replacement.

If you are not sure about Dish Network and their services, the points listed above should have most of your doubts clear. Before you ask, here is how the ordering process generally works. In case you wish to order your Dish Network, you will need to approach a Dish Network dealer to select the number of satellite decoders, and schedule for the installation. Shipping and installation will be done very soon after the order is placed. Then, you will be required to decide on the programming packages, HD upgrading, DVR upgrading, as well as other supplementary deals. The crucial points of ordering Dish Network (online or offline) is that you have to get a reliable dealer.

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