Jim West may not be a name you are familiar with.

He earned 6 medals in Iraq during Operation Desert Storm. He spent 15 years in the “black bag” arm of the Green Beret earning him the coveted “Whiskey 9” top secret clearance that only the best of the best soldiers ever receive. Most importantly he trains Special Forces in hostage rescue and Justice Department agents in Hand-to-hand combat.

He can show you how to survive and win in the real world. Jim has actually been in over 600 bloody hand-to-hand street fights and won every single one, decisively!

In ‘Fight to Win’, Jim West’s best self defense training DVD, he shows you the dirtiest nastiest and yes most effective street fighting moves to help you win-decisively!

He also shows you the way to hold your hand when striking for maximum effectiveness. Jim teaches you the perfect way to balance yourself so you can’t be knocked down.

The video also shows you the basics of punching that are critical in a street fight and how to pinpoint the #1 knockout target on your enemy amongst the map of exact maximum effective target areas.

“Fight to Win” shows you the signals of a street fighter who is ready to strike. Jim also uses simple tricks to beat trained karate fighters, boxers and wrestlers and teaches those to you.

This DVD is perfect for the beginner, man or woman, who wants to ramp up their game in the self defense arena. It’ll give you the skills you need to prevail if and when the time ever comes to put the scumbags and perverts in their place.

So if your skills are a little or completely lacking in the area of defending yourself and your family this is your cup of tea. Jim’s DVD builds confidence and gives you the skills so that you can use to “Fight to Win”

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