Rough, dry hands that brush across your skin like sandpaper feel awful. To be honest, it’s no surprise, given that your hands are two of the most useful but underappreciated portions of your body. Your hands’ skin is also the most commonly exposed body region, whether it’s to severe winter weather, friction, or common kitchen chemicals. Simply told, to attain the softest hands ever, you must take care of that skin, nurture it, and help it heal with the correct product. Why would you refuse that offer?

When to Apply Hand Creams

Remember that you should use a hand lotion or moisturiser every time you wash your hands because your hands become dehydrated. So, before leaving the house, put on some hand cream and sunscreen. Apply a hand lotion before you go to bed because your skin repairs itself overnight, which means it will repair early indications of ageing.

How to Use Hand Creams

Apply some hand cream to the back of one hand and rub the back of the other hand against it, just as you would with a moisturising hand and body lotion.

The skin on the top of your hand is thin and lacks oil glands. It dries out faster. In addition, the skin on the tops of your hands is more sensitive to UV rays than the skin on your palms. As a result, be sure not to ignore this area.

Advantages of Applying Hand Cream Every Day

Applying a hand lotion to your skin will increase its moisture levels and help prevent premature aging and protect it from the sun. Because, to be honest, the intense sun rays on your hands create skin darkening and pigmentation.

Here are four ways that hand lotion can help to maintain the health of two of our most valuable assets.

1. Leaves Your Skin, Smells Fresh and Natural.

The aroma is, of course, one of the most appealing aspects of using hand lotion. Choosing a personalised smell that matches your style can give a little zing to your day and the lives of others you interact.

2. Smoothes the Skin.

While most hand moisturisers contain lactic acid and urea, these ingredients also flatten the small cracks that make the skin harsh and irritating. It is beneficial for both short- and long-term skin health and vitality. 

3. Softens the Skin.

Hand creams soften the skin, cuticles, and nails by including hydrating ingredients. You can try shea butter hand cream that smoothes and softens dry hands quite well.

4. Improves the Appearance of Your Skin.

Anti-aging hand creams, such as Keratin, increase the skin’s suppleness and moisture balance. These also prevent the production of wrinkles, which is necessary for the skin to return to its youthful, natural state.

Best Hand Creams on the Market!

Here’s a rundown of the top five hand creams for women in India, which are ideal for providing strong hydration to that sensitive skin.

1. Plum Wild Cherries & Kiwi Hand Cream

This incredibly moisturising hand cream is one of our top suggestions since it contains the goodness of two of the most helpful nutrients in the world of fruits. 

Regular use will leave moisturised hands that are smooth, soft, and supple down to the pores. 

This hand cream for women has a pleasant fruity scent that lingers and delights your senses long after you’ve applied it. It is a popular hand cream for dry skin. It can be your winter hand cream during cold and harsh winters when hands turn dry frequently.

2. Nykaa French Lavender & Honey Hand & Nail Creme

Nykaa’s excellent cream helps you care for your hands’ skin and keeps your nails nourished and healthy-looking. New lovers can’t get enough of the lovely scent and how long it lasts.

3. The Face Shop Daily Perfumed Hand Cream – Real Peach

If you regularly suffer from sweaty and oily hands, this hand cream is your best bet. The Face Shop’s hand cream will make your hands irresistibly soft without leaving a sticky sheen. It also has a pleasant, delicate, and long-lasting scent.

4. MCaffeine Naked & Raw Mattifying Coffee Hand Cream

MCaffeine’s coffee-infused hand cream is a fast-absorbing composition that leaves your hands soft but not sticky. This product’s helpful components moisturise your hands from within while also replacing your skin cells. Coffee can also be used to tone the skin on your hands. As if that weren’t enough, this hand lotion has a light but lingering scent that will have you sniffing your hands at every opportunity. This hand lotion is appropriate for women who are not fans of fragrance products.

5. NIVEA Hand Cream Soothing Glycerine & Olive

This excellent product by NIVEA comes with the benefits of long-lasting moisturisation, non-greasy texture, rapid absorption, and the most exquisite scent you can practically get your hands on at this price! It can be counted among one the best hand creams for dry hands.

Our hands are the most delicate and intimate means of communication, and treating them with the accurate hand softening cream can improve our general appearance and inner confidence. You can find the best hand cream for women and hand cream for men at the Health and Glow website.

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