Shawls and scarves are indeed valuable accessories. To preserve its durability and beauty, they should be placed in a suitable storage. They should be stored separately from usual clothes. There are some tips and suggestions given by experts for the proper way of organizing well-cherished shawls and scarves.

The first tip is to clip your scarves with a clothespin on your hanger. Hang it on your closet door or beside your closet. The second one is to store your scarves in an over the door see through shoe rack. The third tip is to store your scarves on a hanger made for the purpose of storing scarves.

Examples of a hanger made for scarves are the scarf spinner, 10-hole scarf hanger, non-slip tie and belt valet, horizontal tie and accessory hanger and the non-slip 24 peg tile or belt rack. If not, you can make your own scarves hanger, creating loops on the bottom to hold your scarves.

Another set of steps in organizing your scarves is as follows; first, gather all your scarves. Secondly, pare down your collection. Doing this can make you separate the good ones to the ones which need repair. Third, evaluate your scarves. Group them according to the materials they are made of and see whether which among those scarves are used more often. Fourth, place neatly folded scarves into a drawer.

Another way of storing your scarves is to neatly and gently fold them keeping them in a cool dry and not crowded place. You can also fold and hang them on a padded hanger and allow hanging loose. Cleaning and storing of scarves depends on the materials they are made of. The owner should be acquainted of it.

How about your shawls? A woolen shawl should be treated the same way we handle any kind of woolen material. It should not be wrinkled. Hence, there should be a 24-hour rest in between uses. This will make the woolen shawl straighten up on its own without ironing.

However, if you have to iron it, never place a pressing iron directly on the fabric, always use a pressing cloth on top of it. If your shawl has a spotting for from water or other liquid, bring it to a high quality dry cleaner. Do not experiment on it. You should only dry clean your shawl.

In storing your shawl, it should be neatly folded flat on a canvas sweater bag or if not it should be wrapped in a length of unbleached muslin. Experts recommend that it should be applied with acid free white tissue on the folds so that the embroidery and beading would not imprint on the fabric.

Do not drape your shawl on a hanger. This will ruin the embroidery of the shawl. Shawls should only be folded flat inside its storage which should be a dry and never damp environment. Do not store any plastic wrappings or other materials that can affect the fabric dye color. This is important in rooms with hot environment.

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