Christmas is here again. Yes, I know it’s time to spread Yuletide greetings and be merry, but it’s also expensive and can be very stressful. According to The Observer, 11 million of us here in the UK shop on line twice a week, which does help to take some of the stress out of this time of year by not having to deal with crowded High Streets and long queues for the checkout, as well as braving the elements.

While shopping on line is a very convenient way of purchasing all our Christmas extras, very few of us are aware that we can actually get money back for shopping on line by using a cashback portal, making the Festive Season less expensive than it needs to be.

So you may ask – what’s a cashback portal and how can I get some cash back?

Very simply, a cashback portal is a website which advertises hundreds of on-line stores. The stores pay the cashback portal for sales generated from this service, and the cashback portal gives some of this payment to the shopper. Prices are no higher that you would normally pay through the website and there are no hidden extras.

All you have to do is register with the cashback portal. Some charge a fee to register, but it’s free with Then use the links provided to access your favourite stores and shop in the usual way. When your cashback reaches the eligible amount (usually £10) you can request payment and if you’re a regular on-line shopper, that amount can easily be made in a couple of on-line shopping trips.

So the advantages of registering with a cashback portal are:

– Get money back whenever you shop through the cashback portal.
– Beat the Christmas crowds and shop whenever you want.
– Access unique offers that are only available to cashback portal members.
– Get early notification of great deals and offers

So, it’s a no-brainer really! I’ll be doing all my Christmas shopping on-line this year using a cashback portal – and getting £££££s back. Will you ?

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