My Shopping Genie is an application that allows people to save money on their everyday purchases by finding the best deals online. The My Shopping Genie application sorts through all of the data online and finds the best deal for its user.

The Genie saves people both time and money on the products that they purchase. People have claimed to have saved a lot of money by using this free application. Not only do people save money with this app. but you can also make money with My Shopping Genie as well.

It costs a one time $199 fee to become a distributor and $29 per month to stay active. Once you become a distributor, you can give My Shopping Genie to whomever you want. The more people you give the application to, the better because every time someone uses the app. you get paid.

My Shopping Genie says its reps make on average about $2-3 on every Genie that they give out. This makes it very easy for My Shopping Genie reps to get paid because they can give the app. out for free, and it helps people save money.

So the real question is can you make money with this opportunity? If you take a look at the numbers it becomes clear that you are going to have to get a lot of people to start using this app. to make money in this opportunity.

The cool thing about this opportunity is that you can give the application out online. You can have someone across the country download your application and you would get paid when they use it. If you understand how to market online, then this opportunity could make sense for you to pursue.

If you are just thinking about giving this to your friends and family, then you might find it a little hard to make any real money with this opportunity. The key to making money with My Shopping Genie is going to be your ability to get your application to the masses.

If you have a marketing plan that could get your application to hundreds of people relatively cheap, then I think this opportunity makes sense for you. If you don’t have a plan for marketing this opportunity, then I think it would be hard to turn a profit with this opportunity.

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