You’ve done it! After long hours of sacrifice, perfecting your craft and enduring those inevitable rejections-you’ve published your children’s book! Now the celebration’s over, you’ve got your author’s copies and you realize, suddenly-“now I’ve got to sell this thing.”

As a new author, you’re aware that you’re expected to do a great deal of self-promotion. Your career as a writer hinges on your ability to sell. Even if you’re sure this is your only book, you want to get your story to as many readers as possible. If you’re self-published, you know you also need to be self-marketing. Whatever your writing path, you need creative ideas to promote your book. Try a custom-made plush toy!

Advantages of Custom Plush Toys

You’ve started a blog, you’ve sent out press releases to local media, sent announcements to everyone you’ve ever met, printed bookmarks and visited every bookstore and library in the tri-state area. But you want to stand out, particularly to your target audience-children. A plush representation of your book’s main character can accomplish this.

A plush toy is your book’s ambassador. It makes your character real and relatable. Children and adults are drawn to a cute, well-made plush toy. Unlike many promotional items, such as bookmarks or business cards, a toy won’t be stuffed in someone’s pocket and forgotten. It will be displayed or given to a child, a constant reminder of your book.

Promoting with Your Plush Toy

There are many excellent ways to use your custom-made stuffed toy for book promotion. Include it with goody-bags for fans and potential buyers. Put it with the informational materials in your press releases. Use it for giveaways from your website, blog, and virtual book tours. Provide it to bookstores to display, sell, or distribute with your book. Supply it to librarians and teachers for display, or as a reading award. Pass them out with other materials, such as bookmarks, to potential buyers. Hand toys out at conventions, seminars, and book clubs. Always have toys available at readings and book signings. You can give them out to people who buy your book. However, always give your toy to any child who asks, even if their parents do not purchase your book. They’ll always remember you; do you want to be remembered as the crabby author who rebuffed their child, or as the generous writer who made that child happy with the gift of a toy? Either way, your future sales will be affected.

Tips for Ordering your Custom Plush Toy

Choose a company that works closely with you on your design. Your toy represents your book; make it all you envision. Ensure the materials used in manufacturing are durable and safe. Finally, choose a company with a good reputation for reliability and customer service. After all, they’ll be supplying you with plush toys for a long time!

Bring your book (and your sales) to life with a custom-made plush toy!

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