Are expensive shoes worth it? The case for spending more money on shoes |

Shoes are available at any price from $10 to thousands of dollars. If you’re working to a budget, you will be able to find a pair of shoes that fits not only your budget but your style too. For work shoes, you will find that many of them are available in the same materials, but the workmanship and details will differ according to your budget. Read the reviews of Online Shoes to learn more about the types of work shoes available. Customers of Born Shoes’ feedback will offer you insight into the details of work shoes you need to know to make the right buying decisions.

When it comes to work shoes, you really need to ask yourself if expensive shoes are worth it? The level of workmanship that goes into a pair of “luxury” work shoes is usually akin to that of a luxury watch. The materials, the quality, the processes: they’re completely different from the shoes you will buy at a discount large department store retailer. Work shoes for men are very much different from those of women. On average, women buy more shoes per year than men. However, men spend more money on those shoes. With different industries and offices operating different dress codes, men in corporate environments wear leather business shoes.

These are traditional and functional. From $10 a pair to hundreds of dollars, a great pair of works shoes is seen more as an investment than an expense as the more expensive shoes will last for decades if properly maintained and re-soled, while the cheaper shoes will find their way to the trash much sooner.

To understand how and why cheaper shoes don’t stand up to the same amount of abuse and wear as a quality pair you need to investigate how and why they break. Most cheaper shoes’ soles are glued on. These are, in the majority of these types of shoes, are not fixable. You’ll need a new pair of shoes. On the other hand, the more expensive shoe has its soles stitched on. These soles can easily be replaced – just as you replace tires on your car.

The expensive shoes will be hand-stitched and feature a “Goodyear welt” which is a pattern of double-stitching on the sole of the shoe forming a welt that anchors the shoe together. The upper of the shoe and the sole of the shoe are separate parts, with the sole easily replaced while the upper part will be untouched and unaffected. It is in this way that an expensive shoe can last for much longer than a cheap pair of work shoes.

The cheaper shoes’ glued-on soles can work loose after even more outing jumping over puddles of water. They leak, they have poor water-repellent qualities, and their eyelets and laces are usually only going to endure one year of wear. The quality of leather they are constructed of will be very different to that of expensive shoes. In fact, they might only have small sections that are genuine leather, while the rest is synthetic and cheap.

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