Collecting vintage jewelry is fun, and a great hobby for many people who are collectors, buyers, and dealers. In the last year fake Weiss jewelry has been showing up on eBay, and other reputable auction sites such as Yahoo. Many people are being mislead and spending more money than needed. There are things to watch out for when purchasing any kind of vintage jewelry.

Weiss closed its doors in the year 1971 and is no longer making jewelry. Counterfeit Weiss jewelry is being made by a Rhode Island plant and are even beginning to make matching earrings. Not only in the u.s. but now starting in England. The fake jewelry is known as contemporary and is generally pretty, bright, and colorful. Most have textured backs of inexpensive jewelry.

To make matters worse they are now starting to make Lisner and Eisenburg fake jewelry. To make sure you are getting a authentic piece of jewelry ask the seller if the piece is vintage or contemporary. Have them send you photos of the back side to see if it is textured or not. The best way to make sure of its authenticity is for you to buy from a reputable dealer that will give you a certificate of authenticity. I have collected vintage jewelry over the years and want to warn others to make sure their items are vintage and authentic. As collectors, we value a piece of vintage jewelry as a piece of the past! Keep looking, and enjoy your treasures!

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