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Muay Thai is the national sport of Thailand and is also known as Thai boxing. The main purpose for the origination of this sport was unarmed combat on the battlefield. One of the biggest confusion on the first day of your Muay Thai training is what type of cloth you should wear. The clothing for Muay Thai training mainly depends upon the region in which you are getting the training. There is no specific dress code for Muay Thai training as you can wear your sportswear clothes. Here is everything you need to know about Muay Thai training clothing. 

What Do Men Wear? 

For Muay Thai training, the men can wear simple gym tees or can go topless for the training. Going topless for Muay Thai training is a common practice in Thailand as the weather is humid and hot. If you are getting the training in any other country, then it might feel uncomfortable going topless so that you can wear gym tees. 
For the bottom, men can wear any clothes as long as it does not affect their leg movement in training. There is also a fashion of wearing Muay Thai shorts for the training. 

What Do Women Wear? 

Women can wear both sports bras or sports tee for the training. For bottoms, women can wear leggings or Muay Thai shorts. 
Before going for Muay Thai training shopping, always keep in mind that the training clothes should not obstruct your movements as it involves a lot of kicking and boxing. 

Muay Thai Clothes 

As it is already mentioned, that is no particular uniform for the training, unlike Judo and Karate. Whether you are getting Muay Thai training for weight loss or fitness but here are some clothes that you can wear if you want a proper dress code. 

Muay Thai Tees 

There are many Muay Thai-themed shirts that you can wear for the training. If you are getting the training in a Thailand camp, then it is better to go topless as the training is rigorous and the temperature is also hot.  
The tees for the training are made of pure cotton or quick-dry material to make training convenient for you. 

Muay Thai Shorts 

Muay Thai shorts are mandatory if you are going to a competition. The trainers also wear shorts. These shorts are designed especially in the way that you can move freely during the training. These shorts are breathable, and their design makes them perfect for this laborious training. 

Ankle Guards 

Ankle guards are not necessary for both training and competition, but it is a better approach if you do not want to get injuries. Mostly the trainers prefer to wear Muay Thai ankle guards to avoid any severe injury.  
Ankle guards also have another advantage in that it keeps your ankles warm and stable. These ankle guards are very affordable and highly durable. 

Boxing Gloves 

You cannot get Muay Thai training without boxing gloves. You do not have to buy your gloves as you can use the gym gloves 


There are many online stores through which you can buy Muay Thai clothes and gear. Proper clothes for the training will help you to get training conveniently. Muay Thai for investment is good choice in new fashion business from Thailand.