If you have heard of the mixed martial arts sports from Thailand that has the world hooked on its fitness and weight loss benefits, then you know that this renowned sport deserves all the attention that it’s getting. 

If you’re looking to begin Muay training, you should know that you need to dress the part. That is where the attire and garments for this training comes in. 

Just as different sports have their unique sportswear, Muay Thai is not left behind. 

The most popular and most basic cloth for this training is the Muay Thai shorts. 

These shorts are uniquely designed for the sports as they take the nature of Muay Thai training exercise into consideration. 

Muay Thai shorts are shorter than the regular boxing shorts and have wider leg room for the boxer to move about and engage in techniques with his/her legs. 

Muay Thai shorts are not specific to any gender, so they can be worn by both male and female trainees. And in case you are wondering, yes, women can train in Muay Thai too. 

If you’re training outside Thailand, some gyms might allow you to wear the regular boxing shorts for your training sessions, but it doesn’t deliver the right feel and comfort. 

When training with Muay Thai shorts, you are advised to have an underwear on beneath your shorts because the extra leg room that makes it easy for you to train with these shorts also makes it risky for your private area to be exposed. 

Muay Thai shorts come in several unique designs and patterns, and you can find different shorts made from different fabric and garments. 

 Polyester, satin, and nylon are three popular fabrics used to make Muay Thai shorts. 

However, the traditional fabric for a Muay Thai short is satin, with its glossy look and smooth feel that many people love. Nylon is also another traditional fabric option for Muay Thai shorts because it is lighter and more breathable than satin. 

Muay Thai shorts are a fashion trend 

Beyond the training gyms and Muay Thai camps, Muay Thai shorts are charting a course for themselves in the fashion world. 

If anybody ever told you that Muay Thai shorts are not fashionable, then they are definitely mistaken. Otherwise, why do we have stars like Selena Gomez, Wiz Khalifa, and Pharrell Williams sporting Muay Thai shorts? 

So, if you’re a fashionable person, you can create your unique style and fashion with Muay Thai shorts. 

You can either buy one of the trending designs you find online and in physical shops, or get a short specially made for you, in whatever color and design you choose. 

You can even get your name or initials crested on your Muay Thai shorts. 

The Ultimate sportswear for Muay Thai training 

Behind Muay Thai shorts, your training gear can see an addition of a tee shirt or singlet for training, gloves to protect your fist while you train, shin, mouth, and ankle guards, as well as a pair of shoes for warm-up training. 

Although you can get started with your Muay Thai training at suwitgym.net with only a few pairs of shorts, you can also add other garments and equipment to your stash, especially if you’re undergoing long and intense training. 

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