Welcome to the amazing world of the Bakugan battle brawlers! A pity I am unable to attach a photograph with this picture as this would allow you to have a better view of these toys as well as how they are played, which is what I will try to teach you in this article.

If you have no idea what is Bakugan, it is the latest craze to hit town. Bakugan are small little monsters which curl up into a small ball (about the size of a marble). When battling these monsters, you throw out these small balls and when they hit the ground, they open up and become the pocket monster. If you have not watched the Bakugan anime series, you should watch it as it would allow you to understand the world of Bakugan better.

Similar to other types of fantasy games, there are many different types of Bakugan battle brawlers. The different types are known as attributes. Such are similar to the different elements that each monster possess as its power or advantage. Currently, there are six different attributes for Bakugan monsters: Pyrus (fire, pretty obvious),Ventus (wind), Aquos (you guessed it this is water), Darkus (dark attribute perhaps similar to the dark side of the force or just plain evil), Subterra (earth, this term must have come from the word subterranean) and Haos (this one is difficult and stands for light).

Once you have a basic understanding of the different types of Bakugan toys, you can then buy a starter pack which you fancy. A starter pack is actually a booster pack with three Bakugan toys, 6 Gate Cards and a Rulebook. With this rulebook, you will be able to understand the gameplay better. I will probably talk more about the rule book in my subsequent articles, but as this is just an introductory post to the cheap Bakugan toy game, I will cease to talk about the rules of the game in too much detail. If you already plan to start battling Bakugan with your friends, you would be able to read the rule book as it is included in the starter pack. If you are clueless where to buy a Bakugan starter pack, you can scroll down to the link below which you can click to buy a starter pack which contains cheap Bakugan toys.

Once you have a small army of Bakugan (that is at least a starter pack but I would also recommend buying some booster packs to boost your monster ranks, you can then practice battling bakugan with your friends. If your friends do not have any cheap Bakugan toys, you can refer them to the link and buy some. The more players the merrier and the more fun battling!

When you have trained enough, it is time for a real battle. Seek out some opponents and take them on. Of course I would propose that you build up not only a big army of Bakugan toys but also get a good deck of cards and pocket monsters before you battle. The aim is to win Bakugan not to lose them. With this I wish you good luck and hope that you become a true Bakugan Battle Brawler!

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