Dave the Funky Monkey is predicted to be the hottest, most sought after toy this Christmas season. He is a lovable electronic monkey toy that can sit on your shoulder, and by means of some sophisticated animatronics and a small hand-held remote control, has the ability to interact with members of your family, friends, colleagues and passers-by in a manner guaranteed to bring a smile to everyone’s face! Read on to find out more about Dave the Funky Shoulder Monkey and why he is set become the most in-demand toy this holiday season.

Who exactly is Dave the Funky Monkey? He is a cute robot monkey that looks just like a real spider monkey with his black and white fur an adorable white face. But there is much more to him than meets the eye.

This electronic monkey toy comes with a shoulder strap so he can sit securely on your shoulder and easy-to-operate wireless remote control that can be concealed in your hand or in your pocket. He has some highly sophisticated built in animatronics that give him full freedom of movement allowing him to show off a wide range of highly realistic movements, characteristics and mannerisms that will amaze anyone who comes into contact with him.

Dave the Funky Monkey, or Dave the Cheeky Monkey as he is known in the USA, can be controlled using a small hand-held infra-red remote that has a selection of buttons that correspond to each of his four operating modes, Conversation Mode, Greeting Mode, Puppet Mode and Action Mode. By pressing these buttons on the remote control you can make him perform a wide range of different movements and sounds that together make him appear to have a very realistic behaviour. His various antics will guarantee an amazed reaction from anyone who witnesses him!

Dave the Funky Monkey is the perfect interactive toy for kids and adults alike think of the fun you can have with him in your office or place of work. Priced at around £25 in the UK, he is sure to be one of the most popular toys this Christmas so make sure you buy Dave the Funky Monkey early to avoid disappointment!

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