These days most people just go the shop and buy what they want. Gone are the days when most people did all their own sewing, cooking, mechanical work, gardening etc.

Given that, why would anyone want to make things such as wooden toys? Can’t you just go to the shop and buy them? Yes you can, but perhaps there are some advantages in making them that you can’t get from just buying them.

  • Economic
  • Once you have your tools making your own is much more economical than buying them. Depending on your source of timber and its cost, you can make many toys for the cost of just one bought one. By learning how to make wooden toys you are setting yourself up to have a never ending supply of gifts that you can make at a very low cost.

  • Hobby
  • Making wooden toys could become a fantastic hobby. Learning a skill such as this provides a creative outlet. Many people feel the need to be doing something with their hands. Some work longer hours at their job to fulfil this need. A hobby such as this can go a long way towards meeting this need.

    There are many health benefits to be gained from having a hobby of any sort. Making wooden toys will provide many of those benefits.

    • The creative work helps one to quiet the mind of daily worries, thus reducing stress.
    • It is mentally stimulating which helps many things including prevention of memory loss as we age.
    • It also provides a way of relaxation and a way of focusing our thoughts in a useful manner rather than in worry and stress.

    All of these things help to improve mood and the immune system and relieve depression and stress. Added up together a hobby of making wooden toys is very good for overall health.

  • Possible Business Venture
  • Once one has made a few wooden toys, it would be very easy to make a few more and turn it into a little business. There are so many avenues to sell such things these days. There are always local markets. If you think that takes to much time, then what about selling online with your own website or maybe on ebay.

    Advertisements in the local paper or on community noticeboards or even taking some samples to your local shop to sell are all possible ways of finding customers.

    Of course, after you have made the toys and sold them in various different ways, you could always write a book about your experiences. Who knows that might even be a more profitable business venture than the toy making. Certainly it could open up another avenue for an enjoyable hobby.

    I am sure there are other reasons why someone would want to make wooden toys. Whatever they are hours of fun and enjoyment can be found with this hobby, both for the person making the toys and the lucky children who get to play with them.

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