Bakugan Toys are the newest craze and kids of all ages can’t get enough of them! What makes them so special though? A brief rundown of the game’s elements and rules, will help you understand!

First of all, Bakugan toys and games are manufactured by Sega Toys and Spin Master who are among the world’s best and most well known and respected toy manufacturers, so their quality is guaranteed! Bakugan is a game of strategy and skill. Players use metal cards and spring loaded action figures known as Warriors. Each player controls or wields his Warriors and he tries to defeat his opponents Warriors!

The Battle Brawlers animated series, which was released at the same time as the Bakugan toys, was instrumental in their success! The plot of the series is rather simple and that’s why it became such a great hit: a group of young people use their Bakugan Warriors and fight to restore balance in the Universe. The series itself became very popular because it incorporates the game’s main elements in its story-lines. For example, the characters’ Bakugan Warriors are initially contained in special balls that have to be rolled over magnetic cards for them to become active and enter combat, just like in the game! The Battle Brawlers series ended after 51 episodes but its sequel, a new series named New Vestroia is about to be released!

Due to their popularity, Bakugan Toys are available in all major toy stores and online retailers. Some rare collector’s figures and cards are even being auctioned off online, sometimes for large amounts of money! The most popular toys are the Dragonoid, the Battle Brawlers,and the Bakiclear Subterna! Most retailers also offer starter packs containing three characters and 2 cards, to introduce new players to the game’s world and rules.

The combination of skill and strategy needed to win in a Bakugan game makes it very addictive and exciting! Bakukan is definitely one of the most fun Christmas games for kids this year! These toys will certainly appear at the top places of many best selling toys lists this Christmas!

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